Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend trip and assignment session

Had to pull over for this one. Couldn't help it.
This past weekend I spent some time in Quad Cities. I was pretty excited to get out of town for a while and do some serious shooting. This week I had a 10 image assignment due, so it felt good to just go out and capture some images. I am starting to realize that this Architectural Landscape class is just a mush of landscapes and buildings, sky and sea, which is actually pretty cool. I was going into this class thinking that it was going to be very straight forward and have this particular style. I am starting to feel more comfortable with it. For example, this weekend escape I just shot anything and everything. Here are the ones I posted for my assignment, in my next post I am going to just post some randoms from that weekend that I really love.

Same here... Loved this building.

I love this image. I like the primary color pallet, and the shapes. I got a brilliant from Brian my professor.  Thanks Brian!

This one I actually liked better in b/w but for the sake of the images, I left it as is.
Um... it's a phallic object.
This was the section of the building next to the K's Merchandise sign.

This was the first image like this that I have ever taken that I love. This is not my style. But it works.

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