Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to business

 These images were taken for a historical landmark assignment. I am in Madison a lot lately, and so why not shoot the capital building? When I was younger I toured the inside of this huge classical Wisconsin monument. If you have never done so, I say do it. Especially if you are an architecture and history lover like I am. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside.

The outside you can see classical elements such as the Ionic and Corinthian columns. The relief sculptures in the pediments, and the classical figures on the rotunda. Just walking around this building and looking at everything you want to or can, is really inspiring.

Oh! And plus, when you tour the building you are more then likely able to walk out onto one of the few balconies that they have, which gives you a great view of Madison.

I was pretty bummed about the grade I received on this assignment, and it was all because they were in b/w (black and white)!! It was a last minute idea to change them to b/w. My gut feeling was to leave them color, so the last one I left in color... What do you guys think?

Well, I hope everyone enjoys these, and go check out the state capital of Wisconsin!!!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dells trip for my Lyssa

This is a random post, but I feel like I need to do this. It is a spur of the moment thing, but I wanted to honor my oldest niece Allyssa. She has become one of my best friends. Since we are so close in age we can relate, and I am there (like I am with all my friends) for her when ever she needs me to be. These are personal pictures that I am going to post. It is not something I tend to do a lot, nor think about doing, but for her I will share them with the world..... so then the world can see how ridiculous we can be. I love this girl like I love the rest of my nieces and nephews... but I think me and her have a deeper connection then we have ever hoped for.

I love you Lyssa!!!!

Your dear Aunt Katie.....
First sight of the cabin

Tye dye time!!

Just got back from swimming

Taken before we went zip-lining

The end of a great weekend getaway.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cloud assignment

The lake was good to me that day.

Looking to get this one in print as soon as I have some time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New news!!!

I have some new news (that is fun to say). Actually, two new sets of news. (even better to say!)

First, is that I was just informed that I have an image that was chosen to the online annex of Photoplace Gallery's Greatest Hits exhibit. This is a gallery located in Virginia that I have submitted work to in past months/years for photo contests of all sorts. So this makes me very pleased to be a part of this exhibit! They will be creating a full color catalog the images in the Greatest Hits exhibit that will be available from Blurb books. Yay!!

Here is the link to where you can see the fantastic images that were selected for the exhibit, and the online annex, as well as my Abstract Reflections #1 image.. ..  Photoplace Gallery Greatest Hits!!!

My next set of news is something pretty simple, and small, but no matter where or what I am in or a part of I get really excited and proud. I just like to share with people the moves I am making and the images I create.


I have a small online portfolio/gallery with Art Milwaukee Odyssey. This is something brand new for me, so I testing out the waters just to see what this organization is all about and what we could do together.

The Milwaukee Odyssey provides a direct and easily accessible network of art throughout the website displayed as a gallery, and also functions as a portfolio for local and regional business owners to browse in the curation process they offer as a service. From office spaces, hotels, restaurants, homes, clubs and cafes to special events they utilize their online database to offer a fresh rotation of art for clients.

I shall see what can come of this great opportunity. As long as I am trying, and getting out there, I think I am doing alright.

Check out my portfolio on Milwaukee Odyssey... Katie Markson photography portfolio

Keystone fix.. I like that skill.

Horizons-low,high,middle, and tilted

High horizon

 These images were for my assignment two weeks ago. It called for me to capture images of different horizons. The above image was taken in Wisconsin Dells downtown area. What really makes this image for me is the power lines, and the few clouds off to the left of the frame. I didn't get hurt playing in the road! Yay!  The image below is my favorite out this series. I drive past this spot every day going to and coming from work. That day it caught my eye, and I am so glad I pulled over and took some images of this. The juxtaposition of the natural elements, and the wire around the post is what really makes this image for me. The very last image was taken driving down the road. This was a chance I took submitting it, but it seemed to work and my professor liked it.

Tilted horizon

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Abstract!!! My favorite!!

Space and light

This image I took while I was in the passenger seat of my car, riding down the highway. It was a spur of the moment action, the captured such a beautiful, serene image. The sun was setting, and it is that time of year when the birds start to move. I don't typically like images with birds in flight. I think it has been done way to many times. This image, isn't about the birds, it is about the abstract pattern that has be created in the sky by the creatures of the sky. It is about the clouds, and the light. It is about the surreal being of space and light.


Out of order.

Harvest moon.


This was the color of the sky. With a slight contrast added to it.  It was such an amazing sunset.

"Many people think Fine Art means art that is somehow better than other art, but the word 'fine' comes from the Latin 'finis,' meaning end. So Fine Art is art that is an end-in-itself and not meant to illustrate or promote something else (Commercial Art)." -- Robbin Murphy

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend trip and assignment session

Had to pull over for this one. Couldn't help it.
This past weekend I spent some time in Quad Cities. I was pretty excited to get out of town for a while and do some serious shooting. This week I had a 10 image assignment due, so it felt good to just go out and capture some images. I am starting to realize that this Architectural Landscape class is just a mush of landscapes and buildings, sky and sea, which is actually pretty cool. I was going into this class thinking that it was going to be very straight forward and have this particular style. I am starting to feel more comfortable with it. For example, this weekend escape I just shot anything and everything. Here are the ones I posted for my assignment, in my next post I am going to just post some randoms from that weekend that I really love.

Same here... Loved this building.

I love this image. I like the primary color pallet, and the shapes. I got a brilliant from Brian my professor.  Thanks Brian!

This one I actually liked better in b/w but for the sake of the images, I left it as is.
Um... it's a phallic object.
This was the section of the building next to the K's Merchandise sign.

This was the first image like this that I have ever taken that I love. This is not my style. But it works.

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