Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New news!!!

I have some new news (that is fun to say). Actually, two new sets of news. (even better to say!)

First, is that I was just informed that I have an image that was chosen to the online annex of Photoplace Gallery's Greatest Hits exhibit. This is a gallery located in Virginia that I have submitted work to in past months/years for photo contests of all sorts. So this makes me very pleased to be a part of this exhibit! They will be creating a full color catalog the images in the Greatest Hits exhibit that will be available from Blurb books. Yay!!

Here is the link to where you can see the fantastic images that were selected for the exhibit, and the online annex, as well as my Abstract Reflections #1 image.. ..  Photoplace Gallery Greatest Hits!!!

My next set of news is something pretty simple, and small, but no matter where or what I am in or a part of I get really excited and proud. I just like to share with people the moves I am making and the images I create.


I have a small online portfolio/gallery with Art Milwaukee Odyssey. This is something brand new for me, so I testing out the waters just to see what this organization is all about and what we could do together.

The Milwaukee Odyssey provides a direct and easily accessible network of art throughout the website displayed as a gallery, and also functions as a portfolio for local and regional business owners to browse in the curation process they offer as a service. From office spaces, hotels, restaurants, homes, clubs and cafes to special events they utilize their online database to offer a fresh rotation of art for clients.

I shall see what can come of this great opportunity. As long as I am trying, and getting out there, I think I am doing alright.

Check out my portfolio on Milwaukee Odyssey... Katie Markson photography portfolio

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