Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abstract Light Series

Proof sheets

If you were wondering what these are, they are proof sheets. A proof sheet is pretty much a bunch of pictures that you might have taken all on one sheet of paper so you can see how they turned out. From the proof sheet you can pick which images you want to work with and which ones you might want to throw into the "save for later" bin. 
I have worked with proof sheets since I started photography, working in the dark room with film. You always made proof sheets to see what your images looked like, because you can't always tell by just looking at the negative. 
These particular proof sheets were for my Architectural Landscape class. It was a help because my professor was able to see how I was shooting, and he gave me pointers on images I passed up because I didn't think they were that good, or images he thought I could go back and re-shoot certain scenes. 
As you can see from these sheets, I sometimes shoot a lot of different things, and I try to cover as much ground as possible. It is nice to be able to show everyone a side of my creative process people don't get to see, unless of course you were shooting with me! 
With these proof sheets I want to give you guys (aka the viewers) a glimpse into my photographic brain and eye. People sometimes think that the creative process is easy, and everything is a master piece, but here you can see it is not always easy, nor a master piece. Creating art should be fun and enjoyable. Once you lose the joy you lose the drive. 
Some of these shoots were hard, because of the subject matter I was working with and other shoots you can see I had to many different opportunities to capture different scenes. The main point is to shoot and keep shooting. Shoot everything. Shoot every angle you can. Just keep doing it. I hope that other photographers or artists can draw inspiration from these proof sheets. I hope that it gives people courage to not be scared to show their "bad" images and their good ones. I hope everyone can learn about me and how I photograph from these proof sheets. Someone might fall in love with something you tossed to the side. I want to give people that opportunity to fall in love with an image.  

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