Thursday, March 14, 2013

What!?! One of my images makes it to a gallery in L.A.?!?!

Just yesterday I got some amazingly good news.........One of my images was selected to be in the Snow & Ice 2013 Exhibition at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles!!!!!

I am so incredibly pumped about this. It is the first time I will have work in California, let alone L.A. This news came at the perfect time. Yesterday I received an email from 1650 Gallery and Studio saying that selections were made and to follow the link to the webpage, and that is what I did. As I am scrolling down looking at the pictures of the accepted artists and their work, I saw mine! I immediately started to uncontrollably smile. I had to double check, to make sure I was seeing right, and I was... There was my picture in the exhibiting artists. It is amazing.

Then I wanted to look at the Online Annex artists, so I was checking them out, and there was another one of my images!! I have two images 1650 Gallery chose of mine!??! WHAT?!? That smile turned into one of those smiles where your lips curl in and everyone can just see teeth and gums.

So anyways I have one image in the exhibition and one image on the online annex. Here are the links to the pages where you can view my work along with many other lucky and talented artists.

Snow & Ice 2013 Exhibition  

Online Annex (Snow & Ice 2013)

 I want to thank 1650 Gallery located in Echo Park in Los Angeles!!!
I also want to thank everyone who likes my work, and enjoys looking at it!!

If you are in the Los Angeles area the exhibition opens Saturday March 23, 2013 at 7:30.
Also if you do take pictures! I would love to see some of the exhibition!! Send them to me! Contact me!

Here are the two images that 1650 Gallery chose of mine for the exhibition. 

Figure Snow

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Purple night

I took this in North Carolina, about six years ago on MCAS New River and Onslow Beach. No, these images are NOT Photoshopped. These are straight from the camera. How I achieved this, was because of the full moon that night, and the white balance setting on my camera. If you noticed in the first and second image you can see a silouette of a crane!! The crane was actually much closer then it appears here, but I was super excited to be able to capture him at the end of the pier. It was such a warm night, and the light was amazing as you can see. It makes me miss the East coast....


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