Monday, December 30, 2013

Just some pictures, black and white version!

           These are some pictures from my summer adventures. 


Just some pictures.....

These are just some pictures I did some experimenting with. Nothing special, nothing fancy, nothing I typically do. 

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Before the baby came... Samantha and Eric

 Samantha and Eric are two of my dearest "unofficial" members of my family. I have been very close with Samantha for many years. It was finally time for her to become a mom and Eric to become a father. I was honored when Samantha asked me to take her maternity photos.

This was my very first time taking these kind of images. My nerves were up, my mind racing, and the wind was really blowing that day. I had a good time. It made me really think about the female body and how we are the vessel for new life. There was something strange but comfortable about working with a pregnant Samantha.

I am glad that these images turned out beautiful. It was an interesting experience... fun yet, challenging. We had some luck on our side for this shoot. In November the Wisconsin weather isn't the best or most cooperative. However, the sun was out, and the landscape was gorgeous. Also I found the very "typical" plus and equal sign on a building at the park I was shooting at, so I had to get some shots of them next to that.. It worked out well. Luck was also with our timing, because the very next weekend Samantha went into labor! A month early, and a week after the shoot. :)

Everyone in the family loved the pictures and so did the new parents, and that is what this is all about. I want people to love the images I it of them, or of something I found that I loved enough to take a picture of it. That is the most rewarding thing about being a photographer.  

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