Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Wingspread in Racine, Wisconsin. A Frank Lloyd Wright beauty. Photographs taken during Racine Open House 2016.

The Christmas House

So, there is this house back home in Racine. It is a house many know and many have fond memories of. It is called The Christmas House. It is this beautiful Victorian home right by the Lake Michigan. I have great memories of going there as a child during Christmas time. They would decorate the house to the nines and have tours. It was truly magical. Well, during Racine Open House they had the Christmas house open for tours. However, the house is now a bed and breakfast! It was great going back in there and seeing everything again, however it wasn't decorated for Christmas, which was fine with me. I met the owner of the B&B, and the manager of the B&B, both extremely nice ladies. They both had grown up knowing about the Christmas house, and had fond memories. The owner said she grew up always wanting to own the home, and now she does. :)

Enjoy a pass to the past.

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