Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ubiquitous Shadows - Overture Center - Madison Wisconsin

Ubiquitous Shadows - was a show that I did with my co-exhibitor Brian Bartlett in Madison Wisconsin at the Overture Center for the Arts. It was truly a great and wonderful experience. I enjoyed working with Brian for his humor, excellent talent, and great ideas. Beth, and Meri-Rose of the Overture Center were the commanders of the operation with great knowledge and positive attitudes. They all were so warm, fun, and insightful. To have my personal work, my feet series to be exact, at a prestigious place as the Overture Center was an honor. I was thrilled and scared at the same time when I found out they selected my work. This series has never been shown to the public before this event. I didn't know what people would say, think, or how they would react. I was taking a leap of faith. Beth and the Overture Center believed in me, and my work, and that made me feel like what I created was something special. I want to thank them, Brian, and the sponsors Madison Investment Advisors, LLC and Arts Access Fund a component fund of the Madison Community Foundation.

Artists Brian Bartlett and Katie Markson employ portraiture to expose human vulnerability. Where Barlett's faded and abstracted paintings depict satirical characters with familiar yet memorable features, Markson's black and white photographs provide a striking glimpse into the personal reality of living with club foot.

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