Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Great Water"- Lake Michigan

 This is my home-Lake Michigan. I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. For those of you who have never been here, I say you try it out. For how cliche it is to say that I love the lake, and that the lake is the best part about Racine, it is the truth.

I lived in North Carolina for four years. I was minutes away from the ocean, and it was amazing. However, I remember telling people about the lake and beach back home. Most people didn't even know what Lake Michigan was, or where it was. They didn't know the beauty that I knew in the lake. In my now 25 years of being alive, I have never lived away from water. There was always a massive fluid monster close by. I have figured out that I could never live in a land locked place. It would drive me crazy.
The water is my escape, whether it is a lake or an ocean. When I was little I would tell people that I was obsessed with water. I am starting to think there is some truth in that odd quality about me.

 This series was created for an assignment where I had to show something about the land, people, and culture of where I live. I had thought about what to shoot for a few days, and like many other people, I wanted to show the lake. To me, that is why there was even a settlement here. The lake is a big commodity. Not many people know about the shipping of goods that happens on the lake. When I would go down to the shipping yard in Milwaukee, I would just be in awe of the massive ships, and barges. It is just a lake, but it is no ordinary lake. 

 Of course this series was taken during the colder months, aka November. During the warmer months the beach is always busy with activities, sports, and people enjoying the sun and water. In these images I wanted to try and show parts of the whole concept. I didn't want to be too literal, I wanted to try some more abstract shots ( I am longing for them). Plus so many people around here take pictures of the same things...beaches, and lighthouses. I took them to fill the concept and the assignment, I personally don't like images of lighthouses. Where I come from it is way over done, so I apologize for the lighthouse shot, I wanted to include it for the sake of the assignment.
But I digress..... These images are my take on the lake. There is a hope that these images show everyone something about the area that they might have missed. Maybe they will give you a new perspective and thought about the Great Water. 

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