Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photograph in the manner of a 19th century photograher they said.

Dekoven Center Racine, Wisconsin
 Last week in class, our lesson and assignment was about the 19th century photographers. Or the people who started the craft. At that time in history, photographs would photograph buildings because those were the only things that wouldn't move and mess up the exposure. Their style was very straight forward. They captured the buildings essence. It was as if they were shooting for a magazine.

The photographers wanted people to get the idea of how big the building was, how it looked, the details, the "catalog" views.

My favorite house in downtown Racine, since I was a little tot.

  Some of these images are not the best 19th century photographer photographs, but they were the images I submitted for my assignment, so I wanted to share them with everyone.

Here is a list of the most famous 19th century photographers- William Henry Fox Talbot, Eugene Atget, and Francis Frith. 

 This was a difficult concept for me, as well as other people in my class. To strip down what your style is to photograph is a more simple way, is a hard thing to do. Many people in class including myself, felt like there was going to be a lack of style in these images. I am glad I chose to shoot in downtown Racine. I knew the architecture would fit well with the 19th century style. I just started shooting everything in a straight forward mind frame. I tried to keep them simple. I think I had some success. Not the best, but it was a nice experience to go back into history and try to capture an image in the way one of them would have.

Chapel at the Dekoven Center Racine, Wisconsin

Dekoven Center

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