Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Engagement pictures I did for a dear friend.

 These are pictures I did for my dearest friend and her fiance for their engagement. I am not very good at this kind of thing (this kind of thing being portraits), but I had fun. Not to mention this was my first time doing engagement pictures!!! NERVE RACKING!!

It was nice to do this for them and everyone was really happy with the outcome. The location these were shot at is one of my favorites to go to. You might notice this is the same location for the band pictures i posted earlier! It is near a small river, there is good foliage, and some old buildings so it gives me lots of options. I like options because I like to try as many things as possible. The sun was come and go that afternoon/evening which came as a slight pain in the butt. The best part about this shoot was that I found a wildlife trail thing on the way to the location, and so I took them there for a few shots, and was really diggin it. But those didn't make the cut for this post, but I will remember that spot for some other shoots I have coming up!! Well I hope everyone enjoys, and comments are always very welcome!!

I had to add this one because of that face!!


  1. They turned out so beautifully. Thanks Kate. :) Remind me to show you the save the date cards we ordered.

    P.S. That is my favorite face to make.


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