Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The ever evolving Artist Statement!

Katie Jean

Photography is the window to my mind. My images are how I saw the world that day whether it be a little blurry or full of chaos. I like to make things beautiful if only it was for that instant that image was taken. My uncle Ralph used to take pictures while traveling and he would show me these massive poster size prints. I say that he was the one who made it clear to me that I wanted to become a photographer. He was the one who put the icing on the cake for me. From that point on that is all I could tell people, even as a little kid. I wanted to become a photographer. I like to make photographs that show the world through my eyes.

My photographs show the tiny details that people look over. The use of close ups, black and white, and nature make up what I love to do. I keep my designs simple, with good use of balance. Texture, line, and shape are my favorite things to use in my photography.  I don't ever use photo correction software. With me what you see is pretty much what you get. I always try to look at the world with fresh eyes, and experience the beauty in life. We as a world live so fast, and you only live once. My work takes life and stops it for people to view and appreciate it. My creativity comes from petals of a dead flower, the wind blowing leaves, the reflection of my self in a store front window, just simple things that I take for granted sometimes. These are the times when I stop the world for that second and hold it, keep if forever in a photograph.

At this point in time I am attending the Academy of Art University getting my BFA in Photography. This will be my fourth year with AAU. In the past year I have shown my work in Racine, Wisconsin as well as Madison, Wisconsin with the RAW Artist Organization. I am published in two RoHo Art Gallery books. RoHo Gallery is located in Ohio. The past year, I have done a fair share of product photography. In the coming months I will be a part of the Racine Art Museum’s Wisconsin Photographers exhibit which I look forward to. 

When I was younger I knew that I looked at life a little differently then other people. It was my mother who taught me how to do that. She loved nature as I do now. I will keep growing as an artist and keep learning new things. I want to try and break out of my box with photography. In the up coming years, I plan to do just that.

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