Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am a RAW Artist!!

In my previous post, aka my artist statement I mentioned the RAW Artist organization. This is an organization that is becoming a larger and more known entity. I came across them, by doing some searching for photo stuff. I saw that they were looking for artists to exhibit work in their new Madison, Wisconsin location. Seeing that they were already in a few larger cities, and that they were opening a place in Madison, I totally went for it. I submitted a few images, and did not hear from anyone. Ha. It felt like such a long time had passed since I submitted my images, that I did almost forget about it. Then I got a phone call from a really nice girl, asking if I wanted to be a part of this organization. Of course I said heck yea!

I will spare you all the details and boring stuff, but the night came for show time, and it was a blast. I loved the fast and furious pleasure of it. The people I met were all so amazingly nice, open, and fun. The show was held in a night club that all the artists transformed into this unconventional art exhibit. There were all sorts of artists there, from clothing designers, photographers, painters, sculpture, to video production artists. One of the best things about this organization is that once you do a show with them, you are forever a RAW artist/member. I get to check out their other showcases, and I get to show my photography in any of their other RAW cities.

Now down to the point of this whole post..... When I did the RAW Artist's showcase in Madison, I received many great, and hilarious pictures that were taken by another RAW artist Angela (Green Paint Photography). As well as a great interview video.  Sooooo.... below are the video and some of those great images from Angela. Oh, and my link to my page on the RAW Artist website!

Have fun!!


Finally here is my RAW Artist profile link.......RAW Profile    WHEEWWW!!! 

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