Monday, August 27, 2012

Band shoot...

I have many friends that are into the music scene. Some of which I have known for the longest time, and are close friends of mine. Well, these gentlemen were in a band together for a great while. Unfortunately the band is no longer together, but before their untimely demise I was honored when they asked me to take some band pictures! By the way it seems like that phrase is somewhat dry and dull (band pictures, blah). I took them out to a few of my spots that I have gone shooting at, and I had such a blast telling these five guys what to do. Hahah..But really, I loved the connection of the guys, the locations, and the results I was getting. They wanted to call it a wrap, and I just couldn't help but keep dragging them to new locations. Either way, they loved the results, and that to me all that matters.. Here they are....

P.S. In only three of these images did I use slight photo editing to just add tints or vignetting.

If you or anyone you know would like band images taken, I would jump at a chance to do this again. Please contact me if you do!

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